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Technology for a sustainable world


Who are we, and what are our goals

  • We are people with interdisciplinary competence but with the same values ​​and goals
  • We challenge ourselves and companies to think about sustainable development
  • We are building a broad technological and academic environment
  • We help companies that want to make a difference
  • We collaborate across disciplines and industries
  • We want to be a good role model.
  • We collaborator in digital development

What do we do

  • Application development. Web, iOS and Android
  • Tailoring, integrations and adjustments to 3rd party softwaresolutions
  • Project management and project implementation
  • User experience and design
  • Advice on modern technology
  • Data analysis and machine learning (KI)
  • Consulting in sustainable development
  • Business development, sales and marketing



Sustainable development


Greentech is the product development department and a label that will represent green involvement in Nivero, and in collaboration with Nivero. Good ideas that can contribute to sustainable products and services will be highlighted in Nivero.



Our Green Tech projects:

  • Seaplan

  • Snarlig

  • AirSlides


Stikk UT! application

Public health and competition

  • Exciting project with good values
  • Stikk UT has great success in Møre og romsdal (Norway). Over 1.2million registrations. 55,000 users
  • Exciting technology and inspiring customer
  • Many opportunities to further develop the solution. "StikkUT Sammen" is a new function that we developed in the autumn of 2021. People can go together.


Produce content at
record speed!

  • Ease of use is main focus
  • The simple is often the best
  • Can produce a lot of content in one place
  • Focus on less printing and more digital
  • Fun and inspiring


How can we change

habits with new mobility solutions?

  • Parents and children are used to drive or being driven to activity. How can we change that?
  • Create security, free up time, travel sustainably. 
  • How can our system facilitate more people to actually change their habits and attitudes?


Technology for a cleaner sea

  • Research and development
  • Collaboration with Molde University College and JM Robotics
  • Use of machine learning and machine vision
  • Developed a map for garbage collection. Prediction.
  • Worked a lot with a new application to continue the project